Are you mentally instable and are there things you can't get right? Do you need help in managing your daily life or achieving personal goals? Through coaching on a private basis, I can help you in your personal development process, on the way to structural and sustainable changes.


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What is coaching?

Private coaching refers to coaching aimed at individuals in a personal context. It can include different areas such as personal growth, lifestyle improvement, relationships, stress management, psychological well-being and general life skills.

I work one-on-one to understand your specific needs, goals and challenges. I offer support, guidance and tools with the aim of achieving your desired results and promoting personal growth.


Before I start we will have an online intake of about 30 minutes. Together we will investigate whether I can do something for you. The intake is free and without any obligation.

Where do the appointments take place?

Appointments can take place at home, outside or digitally. The choice is yours!

Is there a waiting list?

At the moment there are still a few places available. The intake often takes place within one week.

I'm waiting for treatment. Can I use private coaching to bridge the gap?

Of course! The moment you are on the waiting list for treatment (doctor/psychiatrist or psychologist), you can use coaching to bridge the gap or even during treatment as extra support.

What does an hour of coaching cost?

An hour of coaching costs €65,- incl. VAT